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Twenty Sevyn Interiors, handles a large variety of projects with diverse scopes. Every project is unique and is focused on the individual client’s vision, goals, style, timeline and budget. Our experience and strong relationships with the best vendors, suppliers, builders, painters, carpet installers, upholsterers, furniture manufacturers, electricians, and plumbers takes the pain out of an interior redesign or remodel project



Residential Design

The objective is to create interiors that fit the functioning of clients' homes, but also reflect each client's personal taste.


Ex: Interior Home - Offices, Mancaves, Queendoms, Kitchens, A Nursey, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, and Dining Rooms

New Construction 

Everything that you need to be ready to begin construction. We will assist with revising your plans if we see an opportunity for improvement, as our expertise in space planning quite often reveals areas where an adaptation can mean greatly improved functionality and aesthetic value.

Ex: Once we get your approval the fun begins! Furniture selections, Lighting Selections, Accessory Selections, Upholstery and Fabrications

Commercial Design

As an Interior designer, we guide clients to select materials, colors, and furnishings that align with the company's brand and aesthetic. We arrange the layout of interior walls and the use of spaces, while remaining in accordance with local rules and codes.

Ex:  Public Spaces, Government Buildings, Private Businesses, Retail Spaces, Offices, Banks, Theaters, Libraries, Schools, Country Clubs, and everything in between


Do you have a new line of products or inventory that you need showcased in the most appealing / trending aesthetic as possible? Well, we style vignettes for showrooms. 

Ex: Ways to enhance a vignette, Wallpapering, Lighting, Color Palettes, Proper displaying of product

Hospitality Design

We focus on the interiors of a commercial premises for service industries. Our goal is to Influence the guest to have a better experience by beautifying that particular property.


Ex: Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Cafés, Spas, Lounges and more.


Made for you! Affordability, convenience and fast turn-around time. It's the perfect option for you if you need an expert's help pulling together a vision for a room in your home and you're willing to put in a little work to make it happen.

Ex: Moodboards, Floorplans, Renderings, and Shopping links, 



Consultation: The consultation is our opportunity to survey (photograph & measure) the space and learn your objectives for the new space. There is some sharing of ideas, but this is more of an opportunity for us, the designers, to listen and begin building ideas.

Fee proposal: The Letter of Intent includes a rate per hour, and retainer for hire.. Contract to start work

Schematic Design: At this point we begin space planning, or designing different scenarios for the new space based on the information gathered during and after consultation. Typically we generate 1-2 new plans/suggestions for your approval of how the furniture/equipment should be laid out in the new space.

Budgetary & time line goals determined: Schemes chosen and any construction required would be refined in this phase.

Design development: Here we begin research and development of concepts for the spaces in question based on the approved/refined schemes. These ideas could be presented in the form of elevations, renderings, and furniture & finish sample boards. Together we narrow the options to arrive at optimal solutions for your design goals. The contractors and sub contractors necessary are also determined during design the development.

Action: In this phase we revisit budget/time line goals and upon approval, begin ordering our furniture, lighting and equipment selections. Here is also where “foundation” work would be executed (ideally prior to furnishings arrival.) Foundation would include any construction, flooring/tile, electrical work, painting, and wall covering installation, etc. Regular site visits by the design team to monitor progress/proper practice can be expected.

Installation & approval process: Installation/placement of new items purchased may or may not happen all at once, depending on furniture arrival dates. In showrooms where we can purchase actual floor samples, designers may have the luxury of a 24hr approval process to determine if the perspective piece fits into the landscape of the new home/office before purchasing.

Completion: The Moment!

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