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The Signature Room Sprays Nº 27, provides a burst of luxury fragrance wherever they go. Usage may be for, but not limited to Open Spaces, Upholstered Furniture, Interior Motor Vehicles, etc. 


Size: 120mL

Signature Number: Nº 27

Top: Valencia Oranges, Rosemary Sprigs
Mid: Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Violet
Base: Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, White Thyme

Longevity: 30 -60 days daily usage (2 sprays)


Luxury Room Spray

  • Disclaimer:
    > Please keep away from children and pets.
    > All our products are vegan, natural, cruelty free and hand poured in the USA.
    > We are an environmentally conscious company and take extra effort to make sure everything we use is recyclable.

    **there are no refunds or exchanges on these items at this time.**

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