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LETS REVEAL! - One Room Challenge

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

One Room Challenge \ The Modern Powder Room Escape

If you follow me on Instagram over these past 8 weeks, then you've being seeing the creative madness leading up to this moment here...

In the meantime, lets recap the journey.

With the a solid 8 weeks to develop, I had no time to waste. My first goal was to stand in the space and figure out how I would like to approach it. The home itself was designed in 1989, but it did not meet the modern criteria my client was wanting to achieve in here in the year of 2022.

Therefore, a mood board was formed. I wanted to create depth and height with by painting the ceiling black, adding a geometric wallpaper design, as well as paint the original accent wall behind the toilet black. Then I needed to think of a way to incorporate that "WOW" factor, so I literally yelled out "honeycomb tile!"

Moments later, I began to realize that this was a very achromatic theme... where's the color? Well.... TADAA! I decided to bring in this chalky sage green as the color. The reason being, is that needed the space to still feel airy but also masculine with some feminine elements, therefore I decided to accessorize it with gold accents.. kind of like earrings and bracelets on a woman.


Now lets take a look at the before photos...


This is the moment of truth. I began to destroy the tile on the floor!

(PS: Unfortunately the photo above I took after the removal of the floor tile)

Before we could get to the finish line, we had so many obstacles to overcome. Ill Explain!!

1) Removing the toilet - eazzzy peeezy

2) Hammering up all the tile - The most time consuming

3) Sanding Down the vanity ( wood and granite) - Who knew that you could sand down granite? Well, it definitely helped with eliminating the silky smooth gloss, just enough to apply primer on top.

4) Rewire/Rerouting the electrical - to achieve the aesthetic of 2 pendant lights on both sides of the mirror. This actually took place during week 6. Talk about stressed out. My electrician said he would have to cut into the wall to run the wire up into the ceiling. Then a light bulb went off (Ha!) I told him to just use the wiring from the original vanity light and fish it from one of the two holes for the pendants.... VOILAAAA! It worked! hmmmmm.. maybe I should become an electrical visual consultant or something (Lol)

5) The EVIL Epoxy - being the bad child, that just would not do right (lol). It literally made me scream at least 3x the last 2 weeks. I had Mariah Carey BEAT in the vocal department. First of all, I forgot to add the hardener into the mix before applying it onto the countertops. Sooo, here I am all excited and its looking beautiful, just to fine out 3 days later, its still WET and STICKY (running onto the covered floor ). I started to rethink things over. So I scraped the entire vanity into a bucket and started over. ( with only 12 days remaining) The following day, I began priming the top, and painting it black. As I reminded myself to take the paint bucket out of the powder room, I turn around and lost my grip and the bucket of BLACK PAINT got all over my white wall and floor tile. I WAS DONE!! At this point, I needed answers from the universe, as to why this is happening to me. Well, ever heard of Mercury retrograde? WE WERE IN RETROGRADE!! So if anything could go wrong, it was going to happen. (lol) However, after a few attempts, I got it together and made it work.

In the end, I knew I would still be able to create a beautiful masterpiece for the client. So lets get back to it

No Project goes untouched without me being silly in the process.... Check these out!!!

Cooochie Cooochie Cooo!! I thought I'd ticket the camera (Ha!)

I actually got a lot of dust in my eyes here lol No Biggie though...


I believe I was looking forward to the vanity more than anything, simply because I had never used chalky paint before for any of my projects.

The vanity base COLOR: L001 HGSW3263 FARM TO TABLE [ Only at Sherwin Williams]

Black Ultra Matte paint on the ceiling and accent wall




This project wouldn't be possible without or sources. Check them out and dont hesitate to let them know we sent you...

Pendant Lights: (I spray painted it gold)

Vanity Handles:


Room Spray:

Thank you to One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for this amazing opportunity.

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